Teens and Tweens

Meditation isn’t just for adults anymore. In fact, most children take to meditation much more easily than their parents.  Our classes for teens and tweens are fun and relaxing, while also greatly helping focus for school.

Our ongoing, weekly classes for Teens and Tweens are designed to engage kids in a suitable meditation and breath work practice that is age appropriate.  Teens and tweens are also given some wisdom training to help them navigate all of their responsibilities and relationships.

Each child will respond to these classes differently, but every child will benefit.  Students in these classes generally report better quality sleep, less stomach pain and nail biting, less test and homework anxiety.  Parents generally notice that their child is in a better mood.

Studies show that when children are more relaxed, they learn better and can retain information at a higher rate.  Meditation and the other techniques your children will be learning in class are some of the best practices you can instill in your child that will make school a less stressful experience.

Sometimes children, especially teenagers, will hear the words “meditation class” and their reflexive reaction is to think they won’t like it, or maybe it sounds like a class that will be boring.  But the tweens and teens who actually come to class find that the opposite is true, and generally tell their parents that they want to come back.  Class is fun, relaxing, and helpful.  The kids also like the energy of our meditation room.

We also have a separate class for children with special needs.  This class is designed for children on the autism spectrum.

Our classes for children incorporate some combination of energy exercises, breath work, chanting and meditation. Let your children experience it for themselves!

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