Kids Program

Meditation isn’t just for adults anymore. In fact, most children take to meditation much more easily than their parents.  Our Saturday Afternoons for Kids is fun and relaxing, while also helping children create greater focus for school.

OHM now offers a Saturday Afternoon for Kids!  This happens every Saturday from 1-5pm.  Your 6-11 year old will engage in socially-distanced, fun, educational and uplifting activities.  Our teachers lead the class in age-appropriate meditation, yoga, musical exploration with Tibetan singing bowls and drums, as well as art, wisdom training and character development.

The programming takes place in our 550 sq. ft. Main Meditation Room, as well as our 350 sq. ft. private, Outdoor Area.  Class size is limited to 6 children.

Each child will respond to these classes differently, but every child will benefit.  Parents have reported that after taking these classes, their children are in better moods and don’t fight as much with siblings.  When children are in harmony with themselves and one another, the whole energy within the household is much calmer.

Furthermore, studies show that when children are more relaxed, they learn better and can retain information at a higher rate.  Meditation, and the other techniques your children will learn during our Saturday Afternoons, are some of the best practices you can instill in your child that will make school a less stressful experience.

So far the kids who have participated have been telling their parents that they want to come back!  Class is fun, relaxing, and helpful.  The children love the energy of our Main Meditation room and are fascinated with everything in it.

Snack time and break times to rest and chat are incorporated into this 4-hour afternoon.  Let your children experience it for themselves!


Time: Saturdays, 1-5pm

Maximum Kids/Class: 6

Cost: $125/class, $450/4-classes

Teachers:  Kevin Brown, Jodi Rose, Suzanne Hill

There will be 2 teachers per class. OHM has a beautiful space for kids to learn, explore and release ongoing stress from the past year.  Come explore!

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