Pricing and Packages

OHM offers Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage and Pranic Healing, as well as other types of energy healing treatments.  Read below!

  Prices for Individual Healing Appointments are as follows:

Acupuncture Sessions 

$350 / Initial Consult & Treatment
$300 / Follow-up Treatments

Reiki Healing Sessions 

$175 / One hour session
$100 / Half-hour session

Massage Therapy Sessions

$160 / One hour session
$90 / Half-hour session

Pranic Healing Sessions

$100 / Half-hour session
$60 / 15-minute session

Crystal Bed Treatments or Healthy Wave Mat:

$60 / Half-hour session  

Crystal Bed & Healthy Wave Mat Combo:

$80 / Half-hour session 

Please email us or call us at 212 557 6216 for Reiki Healing and Pranic Healing appointments. 


Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.