Tarot Card Reading

Used at the highest level, Tarot Card Readings help you distinguish what factors need to be considered in your decision making.  Sometimes unseen patterns or obstacles can confuse us and Tarot can help you see the bigger picture.  Allow yourself to gain clarity!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

Tarot Cards have fascinated people for ages.  How does one do it?  How can the simple pulling of cards, in response to asking a question, really give one insight into a situation?  Aren’t the karmic arts just hocus-pocus or sheer chance?

The simple answer is no…Tarot Card Readings are neither hocus-pocus nor sheer chance.  Whatever cards show up in your individual Tarot Card merely reflect your own energy back to you.  Karma is karma.  And the karmic arts help you clarify the karma you are working with in this lifetime.

The highest level of divination of any kind requires the reader to be a spiritual practitioner.  Divination without spiritual practice isn’t going to be clear.  Reading of the Tarot Cards is meant to give you insight into your own nature, and as well, insight into your soul’s mission or journey on this planet, for this lifetime.

Tarot Card Readings are NOT meant to be primarily about the EXTERNAL world…will I marry? Will I earn good money?  These are the primary questions that people want to know about…love and money!  Fair enough that you want to know about love and money, but asking deeper questions will actually help you more. 

Used for the highest and best good, Tarot Card Readings are meant to help you learn about your INTERNAL world.  Coming from a standpoint of giving guidance with a clean intention, the idea of Tarot Card Readings is that they bring the subconscious drives and urges up into your conscious awareness.  For example, you might be following some negative patterns that you don’t even know you’re following…and therefore end up exactly where you don’t want to be.  So by clarifying these unseen patterns, it puts you back into a place of conscious choice.

As we continue on our path to self-realization, it is always helpful to have someone guide us on the way. In this way, you can see very clearly where you are.  And so, Tarot Readings can be helpful to one on a spiritual journey!

Two Locations for Readings:

1) 1143 First Avenue (62/63)

2) 333 East 46th Street (b/w 1st & 2nd Avenues)

David Hemenway, LAc, OMP

David is a Licensed Acupuncturist and an Oriental Medical Practitioner. He has been treating patients since 2000 and incorporates his knowledge of herbs and supplements such as Indo-Tibetan Reiki into his treatments.  David also teaches Tarot and has read cards for people for over 20 years.  David sees patients at 1143 First Avenue (between 62nd & 63rd Street).


David offers a variety of times for you to find your inner divination. 





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