Maji Altanchimeg

Mongolian Shamanic Healer

Maji was born in Huhhot Inner Mongolia of China. As a child, Maji always felt a sense of being guided and able to manifest through her strong intuitions. She was drawn to readers and spiritual guides from a young age.

Maji graduated from Shanghai Normal University with a degree in English Literature. She moved to the United States in 2012. She soon after began meeting with teachers of different lineages and receiving guidance through readings.

In the past five years, Maji started tuning into energy work and beginning her path towards becoming a healer. Last year, she was initiated by the  Mongolian Shaman Ulan to connect with her own guides and the shaman lineage. She has since studied with energy healer Norman Suhu, Mongolian Shaman Naren McIntosh, and healer Father Tom. Maji recently attended the powerful fire and sun ceremony held by Mongolian Shaman Byambadorj Dondog.

As a Mongolian Shaman, Maji has been trying to bring traditional Mongolian shamanism to the modern world to serve more people. Based on her understanding and practice so far, she developed her own way to work with her spirit guides for the healing purpose. Maji believes healing starts working when the soul is being seen and touched. Thus, she tries to meet people where they are and use their language to help them connect with the source to maximize the effect of healing. 

Each soul is so special and precious, Maji embraces everyone with respect and love. 

“Life is made out of magic, let’s embrace every day with a humble and grateful heart!”

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