Mary Clare Bland

Teacher of Chakrasana, Certified Yoga Practitioner, Reiki Master

Mary Clare has been practicing meditation and yoga since she was a child. She first practiced yoga with her grandmother and when she was in elementary school, started her own meditation practice based upon very basic tools she learned in her school’s “quiet time.”

When she worked on Wall Street, she was able to travel and practice with some of the great Masters of yoga, martial arts and meditation.

When she left Wall Street, she opened East Side Tae Kwon Do, a martial arts school in New York City that offered Tae Kwon Do and Japanese sword fighting classes for all ages. She developed innovative techniques to teach kids, especially those with special needs. She later open a yoga school, East Side Yoga. It offered a variety of classes, specializing in kids yoga and the meditation technique Yoga Nidra.

Mary Clare is a Fourth Dan in Tae Kwon Do (certified by the Kukkiwon), a certified Goshindo Instructor (Japanese sword fighting- the same technique used by the Samurai), a Reiki Master (taught by Kung Fu Master Andrew Sinn), a Qi Gong Instructor (she took many Master classes by Andy Sinn) and carries multiple yoga teaching certifications (Amrit Yoga Institute- advanced Yoga Nidra Certification, Kids Yoga- certified kids yoga instructor, Master Duncan Wong- Yogic Arts Teaching Certification) and is a certified Thai Massage practitioner.

After living in NYC for 20 years, Mary Clare now resides in Madrid, Spain.

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