Olga Yormelenko

Teacher of Breathwork and Stress Reduction, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Olga is a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner living in New York City.  Active in women empowerment networks, she is a founding member of Dreamers//Doers, an online community of high-impact female entrepreneurs and Parity Partners Programs (P3), a network of high-potential women aiming for the C-suite. Olga is a mentor at SAP.io, Belgian Chamber of Commerce accelerator and Halo accelerator.

Olga started her career in finance as the fifth employee at Helios Advisors, where she managed the hedge fund’s operations, risk management, compliance, marketing and investor relations through its growth from $20M AUM to half a billion in 4 years. From there, Olga was recruited by a startup PE fund focused on Sub-Saharan Africa, where she witnessed the power and impact of technology on frontier markets.  In 2010 Olga joined the Executives-in-Residence (EIR) team at Insight Venture Partners, a $20B growth-stage VC and PE fund, where she evaluated prospective investments and identified M&A targets for existing portfolio companies.

Olga’s passion is helping businesses and individuals reach their maximum potential and create a positive impact. Currently Olga advises family office clients on social impact and venture investment opportunities and has diligenced over $450m worth of deals. In addition, she works with startups to optimize their strategy, operations and fundraising and has helped 50+ startups.

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