Ohm Center Welcomes Visitors from All Over the World!

We love New York and how she calls visitors from the globe to her heart and skyline. At the Ohm Center we are fortunate to host abundant & curious visitors from many countries and states. Getting to and through the city stresses the immune system and can agitate the nervous system.
OHM is a calm oasis in our busy city, helping lead you back to your heart. Find restorative healing and deep rest with Sound Baths, Meditation, Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage to and more!

No matter where we travel from, or how many languages we speak, silence is golden, rest is medicine, and love heals all. 

We invite you to OHM and support you to feel at home within yourself. Restore some peace in the body before hitting the fun streets of an amazing city. Release some of the past to help create your NYC adventure with joy and a lighter heart.

Most out of town guests book a private healing session to fit their goals and timeline, whether acupuncture or a private sound bath. These appointments are typically midday, they can be booked online or by calling. We recommend reserving a day or two in advance, yet we try our best to accommodate same day bookings.

As well, we offer more affordable and regularly scheduled classes to help people reset and restore the nervous system

Ohm’s most popular classes are our Sound Baths…which we have every day in various shapes and forms! Most of the time, they are straight Sound Baths, but on Tuesdays at 7pm, Breathwork is combined with a Sound Bath, on Wednesdays at 7pm, Gentle Hypnosis is combined with a Sound Bath.

Other popular classes are Group Reiki, where you receive Reiki, a form of energy healing. We offer this as it makes Reiki more affordable than a private session.

And then we have Meditation classes 3x a week. On Mondays at 5pm, we have a lying down meditation class, and Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 7pm, we have a traditional style meditation class that helps you learn and grow in your practice.  

Ohm also puts together Classes and Events for groups of any size, if you are wanting something special. Call us at 212-557-6216 or email info@ohmcenter.com for rates! We can combine any practices you want along with teaching of any kind.

 If you looking to travel to NYC and explore OHM while you are here, you can always use Kayak to help you plan your trip!

We have special class packages that might be of use, whether you are visiting NYC alone or in a group:

1)  We have a 5 classes-for-$195 package, that is usable for up to 3 months, and you can use these classes for friends and family.  ($25-$55 savings, depending on what classes you choose)

2) We have a 6 classes-for-$100 package that is usable for 30 days…however with this package, it is for ONE person only.

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.