Soo K. Uhm L.Ac.

Soo Uhm, a graduate of Tristate College of Acupuncture, primarily practices KM style of acupuncture, a softer style of acupuncture that uses the Hara (stomach) as a principle means of diagnosis to help alleviate and treat a host of issues such as pain, anxiety, IBS, and fertility.

Soo has come to acupuncture in a roundabout way, going abroad after college to teach English as a second language. During her stay in Korea, she received her master’s and worked as a refugee coordinator at a nonprofit organization. After moving to New York, she worked in the financial sector for ten years before pivoting careers to work at a grassroots organization for women human rights defenders.

Soo became a proponent of acupuncture while living in Seoul where it became her principle means of staying healthy, alleviating her back pain and balancing her digestive system. She believes that the body wants to heal itself and acupuncture is a vessel to facilitate this healing.

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