Meditation at OHM

There are many different ways to approach meditation, so OHM offers a variety of meditation classes to suit your specific interests.  We invite you to explore…

“Without meditation, where is peace?  Without peace, where is happiness? Meditation is the most essential food for the soul.”    — Swami Sivananda

In all of our meditation classes, you will have the option to sit on a meditation cushion or a chair.

Beginner Meditation:  These beginner classes will help the absolute beginners as well as people who have tried to meditate on their own through apps.

Crystal Meditation: In this class, each person will be given a charged crystal to strengthen their energetic field and help them reach a deep and peaceful state.

Meditation & Mantra Chanting: This class will teach you how to use mantra to easily enter into a meditative state. Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras will be taught. Appropriate for all levels of meditation experience.

OHM Level 1 Meditation: This class is a combination of wisdom training, energy exercises, breathwork, chanting and meditation. This is an interesting and engaging class and the meditation portion is usually 10-15 minutes in length.  

OHM Level 2 Meditation: This is exactly the same as OHM Level 1, including the same teaching. This class has 20-30 minutes of meditation (as opposed to 10-15 minutes in the level 1 class).  

Meditation for Children with Special Needs:  This is a class intended for children who would benefit from meditation and are on the autism spectrum. Please call us to register for these classes.

Mystic Meditation In this meditation class, we will begin with anchoring ourselves into the breath and a short guided meditation which carries us into a deeper state of receptivity and relaxation. Resting in a state of calm, we will focus on releasing denser vibrations such as fear and anxiety. Diving deep into silence and presence, we will be able to revitalize ourselves and emerge with a fresh sense of clarity, focus and inner guidance. 

Yoga Nidra (Lying Down Meditation w/Essential Oils):  This class includes Pranayama (breathing awareness exercises), Pratyahara (the art of sense withdrawal), and a guided, extended Savasana (relaxation), whilst being soothed and supported by therapeutic essential oils.  Sequenced to impart deep relaxation, this class helps promote more self-awareness and inner peace.

Advanced Meditation: In this class, you are invited to just sit and enjoy the silence of the space. The leader will open and close the sitting period with a simple mantra. It is a class offered to those who already know how to meditate and would like to meditate without guidance in the presence of someone who will hold the energy of the room. Participants may be seated or lying down. 

Zen Meditation: This 1-hour class will include a short lecture, two 15-minute open eyed meditations broken up with a 10-minute walking meditation and tea ritual.  Instruction will be given for newcomers.

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.