What People Are Saying

Sherrie F.


I took the zoom Protection Mantra class from Ohm this past Monday and I can tell you I felt a tremendous difference inside and out. I have been chanting with Suzanne, who owns Ohm for the past year and a half now and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to feel like they lifted a hundred years of stress off of their shoulders. The class is at a nice bite size 30 minutes. If you’re feeling bold, take the class and you’ll see.


Yogi Laura.

We were visiting NY and our friend took us to a Sound Bath with Kevin Brown. What a wonderful experience. I felt so light and present after the sound bath and the OHM center was beautiful full of art and beautiful quotes all over and they offer some great classes! Totally loved our experience here and we would definitely come back again one day! Kevin had an amazing energy and lovely voice!


Gordon N.

A lot of people claiming to do “sound baths”… But Kevin Brown is the REAL Deal! Using over 40 Tibetan multi-alloy and Crystal resonant bowls, plus various gongs, chimes, & visualizations, he took me on a healing multi-dimensional Journey of elevated frequencies that felt like a few lifetimes! The vibrating bowls were even placed directly on top of certain chakras. Brain, Soul, & Body came out buzzing w/energy, yet so relaxed! You could take a trip to another city, or go here for 1 hr, get a private session, & go to another UNIVERSE. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ekaterina L.

It’s a blessing that I found this healing center in the heart of the city. I’ve been going almost on a nightly basis to their various meditation classes and I have had AMAZING results in my life. From sleeping better to having resolved some of my life’s deeper fundamental issues. Suzanne, the owner is a gem and an amazing healer who I learn from on a daily basis. I would give this place 6 stars if I could😻.

Harry L. 

“A truly healing experience. Mind, body and soul.”

Moira V.

“Can’t say enough positive things about Suzanne and the Ohm Center!
The classes are all fantastic. I have been attending meditation and mantra classes since 2019 and have learned so much. I consider my practices an integral part of my well being. I am calmer, clearer and many small health issues have cleared up as an added benefit.
Classes are also extremely affordable and many are available on-line as well as in person.

Jennifer G.

Ohm is a wonderful and powerful place to learn meditation and cultivation practices. All of the practitioners are beautiful humans that truly care about the evolution of the human spirit. I consider the founder, Suzanne, to be one of my beloved teachers on the spiritual path. She is an excellent teacher and has the gift of taking complicated ancient spiritual teachings and presenting them in an accessible and powerful way. I highly recommend Ohm!!

Caroline C.

“I moved to New York about a year ago and was desperately looking for a place that hosted soundbaths & meditation. Thankfully I came across The Ohm Center and it has helped ground me in my spiritual practice so much. Suzanne and Kevin are so great and really take the time to know you.

Through my great personal experience, I decided to hire them for a corporate event for therapists. Kevin came to a space where we hosted 15 therapists for a private sound bath. Everyone enjoyed it so much and raves about Kevin. These are so great to host for your work place in whatever capacity bc it brings peace and could be a great entry to meditation and taking care of yourself. I highly recommend them for any personal or corporate experience!”

Mia C.

“Suzanne is the real deal! After what seemed like hundreds of sessions with different healers and spiritual centers across the country, I decided to contact Suzanne. She has helped me get through one of the darkest times by sharing different mantras and protections that enable me to step back into my power. The Ohm center also does acupuncture, which has helped me process through trauma in this lifetime and even past lives. Suzanne is patient and a good listener; she will give you the support you need. I feel one-million percent confident in recommending all classes, healing sessions, and everything offered at this special place. You are safe in the arms of The Ohm Center <3.”

Coco B.

The Ohm center is wonderful. The meditation classes are the best I have been to, Suzanne is a wonderful teacher and guide. They also have an array of great practitioners and teachers. The sound baths are awesome, the reiki is great, as well as family constellation, and other unique and interesting classes to choose from. The value for what you get is very very good. Every time I go, I always leave feeling better, clearer, and more calm and focused.

Bruce J.

Beautiful, healthy, and healing atmosphere. Caring people and a great community.

Camille B.

Ohm Center has been my lifeline for the past two and a half years. The teachers are knowledgeable, caring, authentic. I have been attending virtual and in person classes regularly and I know my life would be not be the same without their guidance. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.