Mantra Chanting

Chanting of mantras is a powerful way to increase focus and elevate your mood. Studies show that mantra chanting has the effect of reducing high blood pressure and improving memory.

At present, all Mantra Chanting classes are held Virtually.

Mantra Chanting is a practice that sounds like fun to some people and sounds scary or bizarre to others.  But as the saying goes, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! 

The word mantra comes from the Sanskrit word “manas” which means “mind”.  In Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras are used as tools to train the mind.  By chanting Sanskrit or Tibetan syllables, we are training our mind to stay focused, while at the same time elevating our energetic frequency.  

The chanting of mantras was developed to slowly purify the negativities from both the conscious and the unconscious minds.  It has been proven that chanting of sacred mantras significantly helps with memory improvement, which is why many children in India are taught mantras in school.

OHM’s Mantra Chanting classes will energize you, create positivity in your mind without you having to even try, and will help to lift your spirits. We will teach you the mantra of the day, no worries. 

Lastly, if you already know how to chant mantras, you will find that chanting in our meditation room will take your experience to the next level.  So whether it’s your first time chanting mantras or your 1000th time, you will be significantly uplifted by the end of our class!

Mantra Chanting: This class will primarily consist of chanting.  It will help you elevate your energy quickly. Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras will be used.

Meditation & Mantra Chanting: This class will teach you how to use mantra to easily enter into a meditative state. Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras will be taught. Appropriate for all levels of meditation experience

At present this class is on hold:

OM Chanting Class:  Once a week, the OHM Center hosts a 1-hour class called OM Chanting.  This is a chanting circle that is comprised of 45-minutes of chanting the sacred syllable “Om” in 3 different circular seating configurations.  After the chanting there is a short guided meditation. This class is free, though you are welcome to give a donation if you wish. 

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