Sound Healer Training

We are excited to introduce the OHM Level 1 Sound Healing Training & Certification program! This 16-Hr training will be held in-person at OHM on four consecutive Thursdays…June 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th from 1-5pm (Total 16 hours). This training will give you all the knowledge, tools and practice experience to become a Level 1 Certified Sound Healer by the end of the course!

So many people are fascinated by Sound Baths these days!! 

In fact, Sound Baths are our most popular classes. Many, many people have approached us wondering whether OHM was going to offer training with the singing bowls…whether to supplement their own personal meditation practice, or because they are hoping to embark on a Sound Healing journey professionally.

This is a beginner training, no prior experience with sound healing required. Class size is limited, so you can receive the personal attention you need!

The Sound Healing Training will include:
– Learning how to Feel and Sense Energy
– Fundamentals of Sound Healing
– Chakra Theory and Practice
– Leaning about the Bowls and how to create sound
– Creating Sound Combinations
– Practice, practice, practice!

At OHM, we feel that it is essential to nurture your individual growth as a Sound Healer beyond just technique, and thus we have included a specific number of OHM’s online Mantra & Meditation classes as part of your curriculum. Your energy as a practitioner sets the flow & tone of each sound healing that you lead, so we will support you to create a daily meditation/spiritual practice during the course of this training.

Components of training are:
– the full 16-hour training
– 7 online or in-person Mantra classes given by OHM 
– 7 online or in-person Meditation classes given by OHM

$1,250 for the Full Training & Certification

Sunday, June 6th Sound Healer Training Level 1

Book your spot by clicking link or email us at info@ohmcenter for any questions.

If you are in need of financial assistance through a payment plan, please contact us to discuss.

The training will be taught by OHM Founder Suzanne Hill and Sound Healer Kevin Brown.

For the training, you will need one singing bowl for practice. We will provide referrals for purchase as needed.

Over time, we expect to have a Level 2 Sound Healing Training. Thank you for your patience on this…we wanted to wait to launch this program only after we created a training that is the most rewarding to those taking this course!

We look forward to seeing you at the training!


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