We welcome donations in support of our re-opening. Thank you in advance for your kindness, generosity and love.

Welcome to OHM!

The OHM Center’s physical location is on the Upper East Side in NYC (First Avenue between 62nd and 63rd).

 OHM is now offering Virtual and limited In-House classes in meditation, sound baths, breathwork, chanting, wisdom training and more.  We are also offering distance and in-person healing for group and individual energy therapy treatments.

If you have any questions regarding registration for classes or booking treatments please contact us at info@ohmcenter.com.

Our master teachers and practitioners are exceptionally trained and love to teach…come explore! 

Meditation at OHM

We founded the OHM Center with the intention of fusing meditation with the seeds of wisdom and spirituality.  Wisdom teaching strengthens the meditation experience by increasing  self-reflection and inner peace.

What Else Does OHM Offer Besides Meditation?

OHM offers weekly breath work, chanting and sound bath classes, as well as group vortex healing sessions once a month. We also schedule guest lecturers and practitioners from around the globe to share their gifts at our special workshops and events.

OHM for Teens and Tweens

OHM offers classes for Teens and Tweens, as we believe training the minds of the younger generation is necessary to have a huge impact on the future of humanity. 

Why the OHM Center?

At OHM, we offer core classes to help you initiate and maintain a consistent meditation practice independent of your spiritual discipline. 

If you are a beginner still struggling to gain confidence in learning how to meditate, fear not… you have come to the right place!  

If you are more advanced and have a consistent stable practice great!  Our classes will enable you to go deeper in each session and you will find the energy of our meditation room to be quite powerful.  

Meet Our Teachers

Teachers at the OHM Center are a small group of individuals selected for their life-long dedication to the study of meditation, spirituality and the metaphysical. Their ability to hold the energy of the room while teaching will greatly enhance your ability to go deeper in your meditation or spiritual practice.

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.