Please note that WE REQUIRE SOCKS in our Main Meditation Room.  Available for purchase if you forget to bring a pair.  Thank you.

New for June!: OHM is offering 10 classes for $100 to be used in 30 days.  Any time you buy in June, you have 30 days to use your 10 classes.  To opt in, simply register for a class, and then when you pay, click the 10 for $100 option.  Enjoy!!

6/24 – Friday, Sound Baths at 5-6pm, 6:15-7pm and                   7:15-8pm

6/25 – Saturday, Sound Baths at Noon-12:45pm,      5:30-6:15pm 

6/25 – Saturday, Pyramid Class 7-8pm

6/26 – Sunday, Kundalini w/ Steve Brady, 1-2pm

6/26 – Sunday, GONG Bath with Reiki w/ David & Kaitlyn, 3-4pm, 

6/27 – Monday, IN-HOUSE Mantra Chanting w/ Ethan,               5-5:45pm

6/27 – Monday, Sound Baths 6-6:45pm, 7-8pm

6/28 – Tuesday, NEW “CLASS”

   BASE CAMP: Acupuncture & Sound Healing Session,     7-8:15pm, Visit deep valleys of sound with singing         bowls placed directly on you.

6/29 – Wednesday, Reiki Guided Meditation & Healing w/David, 6-6:45pm

6/29 – Wednesday, Pyramid Meditation & Healing w/Suzanne, 7-7:45pm

6/30 – Thursday – Half-Day Energetic Detox Retreat 1-5:3pm, $250, Come Cleanse Your Body & Mind!!!

Welcome to OHM!

The OHM Center is a meditation and spiritual teaching center located on the Upper East Side in NYC (1st Ave b/w 62nd & 63rd). We are not a chain! We are a one-of-a-kind, warm and friendly, cozy 3rd space (not your home or office) for you to come to get your mind and body detoxed so you can meet your life with enthusiasm and joy!!

OHM offers a Variety of Healing Options

IN-HOUSE Classes:

Sound & Gong Baths

Meditation & Chanting

Group Reiki & Guided Healing

Detox Retreats

Family Constellations Workshop






Energy Healing:

Akashic Records Readings

Tarot Readings

VIRTUAL Classes:




To book more than 1 person in a class, please email or text 917-838-4077.

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Heal Your Mind, Body & Heart at OHM

OHM’s experienced practitioners can help you relax and heal using their own magic and mastery:

Acupuncture – Therapeutic Massage – Reiki – Ayurveda – Healy – Healthy Wave Mat – Nano-Oxygen Accelerator -Crystal Bed – Spiritual Coaching – Hypnosis – Akashic Records Reading – Tarot

Sound Baths & Gong Baths

Sound & Gong Baths are a form of vibrational healing.  In these classes, you will lie back and make yourself comfortable, put an eye mask on to block out light, and gradually open yourself up to the healing vibrations.

Physically, your body will absorb the vibrations, and this alone feels very soothing.  The beauty of sound baths is that they bypass the intellect and give your mind a rest. 

Half-Day Retreats

OHM offers a half-day “Energetic Detox Retreat” to help you clear what’s blocking your happiness, fulfillment and success.  This gift of quiet and self-reflection (with our guidance) that you give yourself runs from 1-5:30pm on the last Thursday of every month.  Join us!

Why the OHM Center?

At OHM, we offer core classes to help you initiate and maintain a consistent meditation practice independent of your spiritual discipline.

If you are a beginner still struggling to gain confidence in learning how to meditate, fear not… you have come to the right place!

If you are more advanced and have a consistent stable practice great!  Our classes will enable you to go deeper in each session and you will find the energy of our meditation room to be quite powerful.  

Corporate & Private Events

OHM offers classes and workshops for corporations, small businesses, and groups of your own choosing.  Whether it’s team-building for your workplace, or a bridal shower or birthday party, we can host your event at OHM.  Alternatively, we can bring our expertise to your home or office.  Call 212-557-6216 or e-mail for our Corporate & Private Group rates!

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.