Monthly Pyramid Meditation Retreats

Join us OHM for our monthly Pyramid Meditation retreat!  Held on various Saturdays each month, our retreats are an intimate group of no more than 9 people.  Each Session is unique helping students become grounded in their practice. 

June Pyramid Meditation Retreat: How to Connect to Your Guides & Angels

Book your Transformational 3hr Retreat by clicking link below or email us at info@ohmcenter with any questions.

When: One Saturday of every month, except New Year’s Eve Day, when we have 2 retreats Sunday 12/31/23 from 10-1pm OR 2:30-5:30pm

Where: OHM’s Main Meditation Room

Who: No more than 9 participants, Led by Suzanne Hill.

What to Wear: Dress in comfortable clothing.  Socks required!

Scroll through posters of some of our previous retreats!

Three hours in the pyramid, allowing yourself to relax and focus inward, will reboot your entire system!

OHM’s 3-hr Pyramid Meditation Retreats are an intimate experience, and is an opportunity to feel supported in your journey through life.  You will leave feeling restored and refreshed, with the experience of having gotten away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day NYC living!

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