Class Packages

Five different ways to help you heal your heart without hurting the wallet.


What will you learn

Learn how to:

– Channel Reiki Energy
– Apply to yourself and others
– Meditate with Reiki
– Feel the body’s energy and needs
– Identify and Eliminate energetic blockages 
– Relieve Stress 


Welcome to our Reiki Level 1 Class. 

The first degree Reiki course will give a broad overview on Reiki’s fundamentals providing you with a deep understanding of what is Reiki, its origin and history, the philosophy and guiding principles behind it, as well as the basic techniques to channel and apply Reiki’s energy. 

Apart from theory, you’ll also be able to practice how to connect and apply Reiki’s energy into yourself and others in a safe and controlled environment under the supervision of a Reiki Master. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment and ask any questions you might have.

 You will also receive a first degree Reiki initiation (attunement) by the Reiki Master opening your energy channels and tuning yourself with Reiki’s energy, amplifying your natural healing powers.


By the end of the course you will become a certified Lvl One Reiki Practitioner, being able to connect to Reiki’s energy (with a permanent lifelong access to it) and also apply it to yourself and others.



Price of Reiki Level 1 Training:

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