Family Constellations

If you have ever felt like you have tried and tried and tried to work through an issue or obstacle in your life, and you aren’t getting the results you want…you owe it to yourself to try a Family Constellations Workshop!

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Family as Mandala

Every family can be looked at as a Mandala that needs resetting and rebalancing.  When the Mandala is off-center, then we don’t feel right.  Family Constellations workshops are an opportunity to shift things within your family, without needing your family members to be present.  Only you need to be there!

Even at our best moments, when we think or feel we are balanced within ourselves…if other members of our family are not in right relationship with each other, then something in OUR lives will be off-kilter as a result. There is no escaping our own life being off balance when OTHER family members are not fully healed, because “We are all One” applies to our Family Mandala.

What the Workshops are Like

In OHM’s Family Constellation workshops, we have 2 Seekers and 18 Participants, and each Seeker has a Constellation that lasts anywhere from 45-60 minutes.  In a Constellation, the Seeker presents an issue or obstacle they would like to heal and transform.   After hearing a brief description of the Seeker’s issue, the Facilitator begins to choose some of the the 18 Participants in the room. These chosen Participants are representatives, or stand-ins, for key people in the Seeker’s family.

OHM’s Family Constellation Facilitator, Luisa Muhr, then works with the selected representatives in each situation.  She masterfully and creatively helping shift the energy in each Constellation, which then reverberates back to the Seeker’s original family.


Just being in the room is healing, and whether you are a Seeker or a Participant, you will grow tremendously from a Constellation experience…because at the deepest level, family issues and struggles are largely universal…so someone else’s Constellation can be profoundly healing for you.

Note:  At OHM we require you to join as a Participant 2x before you can be a Seeker because: (1) being a Participant at least 2 times enables people to truly understand the work before they become a Seeker, and (2) it allows us to have enough Participants to be representatives in other people’s Constellations.  Please email us if you’d like to be a Seeker and we can put you on the waiting list. In the meantime, come to 2 Constellations as a Participant!

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