Guided Healing

Led by our expert teachers, these group sessions are a powerful way to facilitate healing and go deeper in your spiritual practice.

Guided Deep Relaxation:  This Guided Deep Relaxation class is designed for you to stay cool, calm and collected through the stress of daily living. The intention of each class is to leave you deeply relaxed and focused. The class includes mindfulness, progressive relaxation techniques, creative visualization and breath work. No previous experience required!

Group Reiki: In this Reiki Group Healing Session, you lie down on a comfortable futon while our Reiki practitioner channels energy into the room. Each participant will receive an individual healing, although healing is happening continuously whether he is working directly over you or not. There is a vortex of energy that builds as the class progresses. All you need to bring is your intention for healing!

Vortex Healing:  This once a month experience will feature a 60-minute group Vortex Healing session. Vortex Healing is a powerful, holistic system of energetic healing that works solely with divine light and consciousness. It enables remarkable healings on the physical and emotional level as well as the release of the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings.

This modality works through consciousness and matter, and focuses on both healing and the acceleration of spiritual awakening.

VortexHealing is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman.  All rights reserved.  Used here with permission.

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