Guided Healing Classes at OHM

Led by our expert teachers, these classes are a powerful way to facilitate healing and help you let go of anxiety so that you can fully relax.


Group Reiki:  In this Reiki Group Healing Session, you lie down in a comfortable space while our Reiki practitioner channels energy to you. Healing is happening continuously whether he is working directly with you or not. There is a vortex of energy that builds as the class progresses. All you need to bring is your intention for healing! Wednesday evenings, 6 – 6:45 pm In-House at OHM, $45. Led by João Miranda.


This 75 minute long class begins with a soothing experience of repeating positive affirmations while you are in a fully rested state, followed by a profoundly relaxing Sound Healing. This class is designed to elevate your energy while also calming your nervous system. Wonderful for healing anxiety, low mood, insomnia or just daily stress. Wednesday evenings, 7-8:15pm In-House at OHM $50 Led by Suzanne Hill.


Theta Healing is a world-renowned meditation technique and spiritual philosophy founded by Vianna Stival.  This technique helps you improve your mind, body, and spirit by connecting with your true Source Energy. Led by João on Thursday Evenings 8-8:45pm, 45.

  Theta Healing helps clients with the following:

  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Weight Loss
  • Trauma
  • Healing Heartbreak
  • Boost Energy 
  • Increase Motivation

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.