Ohm Recovery


This January 2024, we  introduced 

OHM Recovery Healing, 

a new, once-weekly addiction recovery healing practice group. The group will be held at OHM on Fridays 12:30-1:30pm, and will be free of charge.

Led by Suzanne Hill, OHM Founder & Kevin Brown, Sound Healer.

Each 60-minute OHM Recovery Healing Session will include these recovery-focused practices:

 Wisdom Training to focus intention– Breathwork to balance & stabilize
– Mantra Chanting to clear chakras
– Meditation to cultivate inner peace
– Sound Healing to practice being present

Please note that OHM Recovery Healing is not a therapeutic or self-help support group with participant sharing…it is meant to strengthen & support attendees in their recovery practice. We have found that people do best when they are externally supported in their practice.

 OHM Recovery Healing sessions will be offered Free of charge so that this program is easily accessible to anyone in recovery. In order to continue offering these healing sessions for months & years to come, we are actively seeking sponsors for financial support.

 We passionately believe in the power of these practices to help heal addiction and we would love for you to consider a financial contribution of any amount! (Click green button below to contribute). Those of you who know corporate sponsors who might be interested in this venture, please contact us at info@ohmcenter.

If you are in need of additional recovery support, come join us starting in January…if you have friends & family who would benefit from OHM Recovery Healing, please pass this information along!!

We look forward to supporting all who need support in the New Year!!

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