Energy Harmonization Sessions

Expand your horizons and allow yourself to gain clarity with an Energetic Healing with Jisook Choi!  OHM’s  Energy Reader, taps into the energy pathways in the body to give you the information that will benefit your perspective, clear blockages and make better life choices.

We are excited to introduce you to Energy Healer Jisook Choi who is offering individual phone Energy Harmonization Treatment Sessions! This treatment can help if you have been feeling stuck and frustrated in any areas of your life or just in need of an energetic reboot.

In this 1-hour phone call, Jisook will identify, track & harmonize the energy patterns in your body. The steady flow of energy in our in our body, mind & spirit is key to moving forward and embracing life.

1-Hour Energy Call will include
– Identify & track energetic patterns
– Resolve energetic deficiencies
– Remove energetic blockages
– Allowing energy to flow smoothly in your body
– Receive guidance on healing
– Connect with support by phone from anywhere

Energy Harmonization treatment helps to facilitate transforming your issue/obstacle into something positive, uplifting and opening. All areas of life are open for healing with this method…whether it be your Health, Business, Career, Projects, Relationships, Prosperity & Abundance.

The cost of an Energy Harmonization session is $250 for the initial 1-Hr Call. Follow-up calls are optional. Please note that this treatment is only offered by phone.

Jisook Choi is a skilled healer specializing in all facets of energy work, including Pranic Healing and the Truth Method.

Jisook is a remarkable healer.  After a friend’s recommendation, I reached out to her for support during a most challenging year.  She seems especially attuned to the way the body expresses symptoms and then is able to source deeply in many realms opening the harmonization for healing.  Within minutes, I experienced a change and as days and weeks have gone by, the effects of her way of healing continue.  During and after the deep work of the session, Jisook has been very helpful in sharing what is happening.  My husband and I are learning from Jisook and others like her in quantum healing.” — Gillian



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