Suzanne M. Hill, MSc, LAc

Welcome to the OHM Center!

I invite you to step into the magical world of the OHM Center, a space that I have been wanting to create for the last 18 years, and now in 2019 it has finally happened!

OHM’s role in Manhattan is to offer a sacred space where daily meditation classes are offered to help people develop a consistent practice. But read on, because there is more.  I have been an acupuncturist for 20 years, and in working with patients, it is clear to me that as the pace of the world moves faster and faster and technological growth is exponential, people are experiencing overwhelm and are questioning why they live like they do.

So in addition to helping people create a level of peace and calm through the physical practices of meditation, breath work and chanting, wisdom training is integrated into all OHM Center classes.  It is wisdom training that helps people cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationship to life.  Most people will find as they mature that, truthfully, there is no happiness or inner fulfillment without great wisdom.  

The classes offered at OHM will help you learn how to meditate if you are new to it, to go deeper in your meditation if you already have a practice, and to cultivate wisdom in all kinds of areas from the physical to the metaphysical.  They are designed to help you understand your life, your psyche, as well as spiritual law and how it operates in the world.  Your participation in classes and events here will help you learn how to move through the world in a way that creates harmony for yourself and for others. For sure it’s possible!! Besides, what’s the point of life if you don’t feel good in the living of it?

In case you’re curious, I picked the name OHM Center, for several reasons.  First and foremost, Aum/Om/OHM is the primordial sound of the Universe, and the oldest chant. Secondly, because the ‘ohm’ in physics is a unit of electrical resistance and I wanted to help people get past their resistance to doing a meditation practice.  Many people resist a daily practice, even if they like the idea of it!  Lastly, because one of my students suggested that OHM could also be an acronym for the cultivation of an Open Heart and Mind, which is what any class I have ever taught has tried to instill.

In closing, I want to profusely thank my many patients and students who contributed financially and otherwise to make it possible for me to open the OHM Center. I have enormous gratitude for all who have helped in this process, because in doing so, they were not so much helping ME, per se, as much as they were helping this center be possible for ALL. 

Stop by and see what we have to offer…we welcome your visit!

Much love,

Suzanne M. Hill  

Come Explore OHM....

OHM offers all varieties of classes for all types of interests.  If you are looking to de-stress and start experiencing deep relaxation, sign up for a class today.  We invite you to begin your exploration of the self and see where it takes you.