Suzanne M. Hill, MSc LAc

Teacher of Meditation and Spirituality,  Acupuncturist

Yocheved Berghoff

Teacher of Meditation for Children with Special Needs 

Kathleen Booker

Teacher of Breathwork

Stephen Brady

Certified Yoga Instructor and Advanced Clinical Hypnotist 

Kent Garrett

Teacher of Children’s Programs

Tess Ghilaga

Teacher of Meditation and Breathwork

David Hemenway, LAc, OMP

Teacher of Astrology, Tarot and Meditation, Acupuncturist

Antonia Katrandjieva, PhD, DSc

Teacher of Breathwork and Esoterica,  Founder of Yogea

Luisa Muhr

Family Constellations & Systemic Constellations Coach and Facilitator 

Graziella Pruiti, JD

Facilitator of OM Chanting, Sri Yantra Teacher

Paul Rathe, LAc

Teacher of Zen Meditation,  Acupuncturist 

Ethan Scibelli

Leader of  Zazen Meditation, Pranic Healer,

Christy Walker, MA

Facilitator of Vortex Healing, Astrologer 

Mary Whitlock

Teacher of Meditation and Birthing Classes, Health Coach, Doula, Ayurvedic Chef

Olga Yermolenko

Teacher of Breathwork and Stress Reduction, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Mary Clare Bland

Teacher of Mantra Chanting, Certified Yoga Practitioner, Reiki Master

Kevin Brown

Teacher of Meditation & Sound Healing

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