Christy Walker

Facilitator of Vortex Healing, Astrologer

Christy has been casting and interpreting astrological charts, as well as studying the field and its related sciences, for 40 years–and working with clients for more than 25.  Her sessions focus on nurturing your connection with your unlimited self by deepening your awareness of and connection with your soul and purpose.

Christy has also studied Vortex Healing under Ric Weinman and his master teachers for 9 years, and has been working with Vortex clients individually since 2013.  She is excited to be able to bring this healing modality to people individually and in group sessions.  

Christy holds a B.A. in Psychology from The New School for Social Research in New York City, and a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California. 

She is an adjunct instructor at NYU, where she has been teaching Creative Writing workshops wince 2001.  She has also taught writing at the New York Open Center and Laughing Lotus Yoga, among others.

Christy is currently based in New York City.

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