João Miranda, Reiki Practitioner

Joao has recently (Nov. 2023) joined OHM as a Reiki Pracitioner.  He treats patients at OHM’s secondary location at 333 East 46th Street location as well as our primary location at 1143 First Avenue.

João is a Brazilian Reiki Master and Theta Healing practitioner, bu also an engineer who combines both intuitive perception and critical thinking into his self-awareness development, spiritual connection, and quest for inner balance.  A young, relaxed and passionate-for-life person, João loves to travel and be in nature.

Having tried many paths and techniques in the search for harmony and how to incorporate peace into his daily life, Reiki was definitely a game changer for him.  Reiki has enabled him to live a more present, meaningful and happy life, while also helping others and sharing his experience along the way.

João has had the privilege to be instruction by 3 different masters, incorporating teachings from Chile, Brazil and Japan.  Now living in NYC, he continues his life mission of helping other manifesting their inner healing.  

If you’d like to give it a try, João will be delighted to guide you through your journey!


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