David Hemenway, LAc, OMP

Reiki Practitioner, Teacher of Astrology & Tarot, Acupuncturist

David has studied metaphysics as an act of poetry and prophecy since his youth.  Nothing grand, only supraordinary, supramundane and extraordinarily beautiful in all its infinite and constantly evolving iterations.  

He has had private instruction from several highly reputable teachers of metaphysics, from Astrology to Tarot, over the many years.  He became a Reiki Master in 1993, having studied Indo-Tibetan from which Japanese Reiki originates. 

His teachers have guided him on and into the deeper metaphysics. Through this he wishes to introduce the student to a deeper appreciation of the cosmic and intercosmic poetry, living symbols and formulae that dance and emanate from the Eternal OHM through his classes.  

We are all prophets and poets. David wishes to help his students more deeply understand and appreciate their place in the Cosmos so that they may better co-create with the Divine, and make their world and the world around them a better place for all. OHM!

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