Kevin Brown

Master Sound Healer, Sound Healing Trainer, Meditation Teacher

Kevin joined OHM as a Teacher and Sound Healer in February 2020.  He treats patients at OHM Centet 1143 1st ave  as well as hosts regualarly scheduled group classes 15 times a week

As an environmental activist and kindergarten teacher for years, Kevin earned a degree in Sustainable Economics, believing in in the joys of generosity (or that we can always learn better how to share). Hoping to find as many clues, he left the states and traveled the world. After studying hypnosis and Vippassana in India, he began teaching children again in Japan. There, passion for music and contemplative arts, oddly enough led to DJing. Impressed by how meditation stills the mind and helps us share compassion; and how music moves the body and helps us share space he was delighted to discover the traditions of sound healing. Turning the compassion of stillness and energy of sounds into harmony worth sharing. 
He has been living in NYC for the past 15 years, continuing to study  Vippassana and sound healing arts, with a 9 year side gig as a Maitre D’ / GM at well known fine dining establishment; helping sooth 1000s of people into sharing (a very crowded space) in harmony. He’s been quoted as saying, “happiness sounds good to me



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