Past Special Events

Kirtan Soul Song Sacred Music Night

w/ Paranitya Narasimha Ashram Musicians & SOMA Kirtan

Womans Circle August 

w/ Suzanne Hill

3-hr Pyramid Meditation Session

w/ Suzanne Hill

OM Chanting Circle Summer

w/ Swami Tulsidas

Family Constellation Workshop

w/ Luisa Muir

Gong Bath

w/ Kaitlyn Hipple 

Sound Immersion w/ Indigenous Instruments

w/ Gabriel Jimenez

Womans Circle: Summer Solstice

w/ Antonia Katradjeva

Tibetan Mantra Lounge 

w/ Lama Tashi Norbu & Suzanne Hill

Mural Painting 

w/ Lama Tashi Norbu

OM Chanting Circle Spring 

w/ Swami Chidananda

Womans Circle Spring Equinox Cording Ritual

w/ Antonia Katradjeva

3-Hour Pyramid Meditation

w/ Suzanne Hill

Gong Bath and Reiki

W/ Joāo Miranda & Kaitlyn Hipple

Om Chanting  Circle


Ohm Chanting Circle

W/ Bhakti Marga

Aura Photography


Egyptian Breathwork


Guest Sound Healers

Special Lecture

Leader of Meditation, Chanting and Sound bath Classes

Guest Sound Healer

Teacher of Vocal Empowerment Classes

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