Even though NYC is seemingly getting its legs to start to approach ‘normal’, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air. We don’t know where the economy is going, where the presidency is going, where the virus is going, or if there will be a second wave. Can we send our children to school?

Many people respond to this type of uncertainty with fear…or anger that masks the fear…or both. They want to KNOW what’s going to happen. But of course, at times like these, there is no way of knowing even if you have the ‘best’ astrologer, psychic, clairvoyant, what-have-you. Why? Because certain things aren’t meant to be seen…they are meant to be experienced in real time, for our own learning and growth.

So how then, do we relate with equanimity to what is happening in the external world?

Cutting past all the details, the key question to ask ourselves in this time is this…does fear or anger have to be my reflexive response to what is happening in the world?

When we have fear and anger in our hearts, it can be very difficult to progress in our lives. Fear paralyzes and like a boulder, it weighs us down. Anger creates heat and irritability, and like fire, has the capacity to create great damage when not properly attended to.

Whatever fear or anger we carry in our hearts and in our minds, emanates outward and influences those around us. Likewise, any fear or anger in those around us will impact our energetic field in a negative way, if we do not counteract it.

Those of us who carry a conscious level of fear and anger don’t like being that way. We wish we weren’t! Our minds tell us not to be afraid or not to be angry, but our bodies can react without asking our mind what’s going on. So then, what to do?

A powerful way of clearing negative emotion of any kind in our being, is to chant mantras…Tibetan, Sanskrit, Hebrew…it doesn’t matter. Mantras are sacred syllables handed down to us throughout the centuries, gifts given to us from those who came before.

We chant in order to feel the vibration of the Divine…because anger, at its root is always fear. And fear, at its root…is always a disconnect from the Divine. Even if we don’t think we even believe in the Divine, there is a part of us that feels the disconnect. Like the Princess and the Pea, some part of us feels the pain of this disconnect, even under 100 mattresses.

Chanting helps us re-establish this connection, and in this way, it slowly but surely clears our negative emotions. It has been said in the Mandukya Upanishad that the “OM” mantra is the only mantra we ever need to chant to attain enlightenment. And yet, the other mantras were given to us so that we would be able to experience different aspects of our heart energy. So let yourself try whatever mantra speaks to you.

Mantras are tools, and tools were meant to be used. If you have not already tried it, I encourage you to pick up the tool of chanting, and just try it out. Allow yourself to experience the vibration within you as you chant….and chant with joy! Let the vibrations circulate through your body and they will slowly clear the fear and the anger in your heart, in your mind, in your entire being. In the end, the cleansed feeling is undeniable.